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With a professionally installed sprinkler system, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.

No one knows irrigation systems in Berkley better than Sprinklers Pros! Our highly trained technicians are experienced in all our services. Our quick repair and routine maintenance of your sprinkler system prevents loss and damage to your valuable landscape and lawn, as well as save you money on water bills! If you need maintenance, repairs, or upgrades to your sprinkler system, our experienced service department has all the support they need to properly service your system.

On top of keeping your Berkley landscape healthy all season, an irrigation system from Sprinklers Pros from will help conserve water. There’s no easier or more cost-effective way to beautify the outdoor appearance of your home and increase its value while saving your time with no hassle. Keep in mind, however, the sprinkler system design and installation are paramount to how well the system performs. That’s why it’s important for you to have a professional irrigation contractor like The Sprinklers Pros design, install, and maintain your system to ensure a positive customer experience.


Drip irrigation systems in Berkley are designed to allow water to be slowly absorbed into the soil, only when needed. Typically, drip irrigation will release ½ gallon per hour versus 2 gallon per minute for sprinkler heads. There is almost no loss to evaporation or run off since the water is delivered right to the roots. With drip irrigation plants receive water directly at the root level where it is needed most. No more water run off which saves you money!


As your landscape matures, you’re Berkley, Colorado lawn irrigation system may become inefficient. Plants grow and cover-up sprinklers. Heads may become clogged with mineral deposits. Pipes may start to corrode or break. If you are looking for sprinkler repair in Berkley, we are your people. A sprinkler repair technician can diagnose your problem quickly, locate the parts, and handle the dangerous mix of water and electricity.


In Berkley, Colorado, during the winter, your lawn and garden may not need the sprinkler system, so it makes sense to turn it off. When the time comes in the spring, however, you will need to turn it back on. Although all irrigation companies do things a little differently, it’s important to make sure you find a sprinkler maintenance company that can perform a quality sprinkler start-up, which should include far more than simply turning on your sprinkler system.


Every year, before the first freeze, irrigation blow out becomes the priority for all irrigation systems in Colorado where the frost level extends below the depth of installed piping. A professional knows how much volume and pressure to use, as many do-it-yourselfers typically use an insufficient volume of air that results in the remaining water draining into low spots and subjecting the system to freeze damage.


Often a homeowner will neglect their sprinkler system, thinking it is like a part of the house structure. The problems with sprinkler systems arises from shifting soil and other environmental conditions. This means you have to pay closer attention to how your sprinkler system is operating. Most people get sprinkler tune-up in Berkley at the start of the irrigation season.


We ensure coverage of your property by using state-of-the-art design and engineering. Our custom solutions will enhance the beauty and value of any property and will remove the need for time-consuming hand watering. Whether it’s a small residential job or large commercial building or athletic facility in Berkley, Colorado, you will save time, money, and water with an sprinkler system from Sprinklers Pros.

In addition to keeping your landscape healthy all season, an underground sprinkler system will help conserve water.

Why Choose Us

At Sprinklers Pros in Berkley there is no irrigation issue we can not solve. If there is a problem with your sprinkler system, give Sprinklers Pro a call! A few of the services we offer are: repairing broken lines, resetting sprinkler heads, adding sprinkler heads to a existing system, adding a rain or moisture sensor, raising sprinkler heads, sprinkler winterization and more. A well-installed, healthy irrigation system can save you water and money. Unfortunately, irrigation systems oftentimes need repairs. This can cost you precious time and can cause a lot of frustration. We’re here to help. We can fix any sprinkler problem in no time. Hard work, attention to detail, and affordable prices have helped us earn a reputation as the leading specialist for sprinkler irrigation in Berkley, Colorado.

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We know a business is only as good as its employees. That’s why we hire professional, licensed, and friendly irrigation technicians.

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Our number one priority is customer satisfaction, and we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy with our work.

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We offer free consultations for our services, and will provide you with a quote so you can decide what’s right for your lawn.

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Along with our superior customer service, we offer competitive pricing on all services. No hidden surcharges of any kind!