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At Sprinklers Pros, we provide sprinkler installation for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in designing custom solutions to deliver a irrigation system for your home that will bring value to your landscaping. Our sprinkler installation service is sure to maximize the health of your landscaping so you can enjoy a lush green oasis. Having a quality well-designed sprinkler system will eliminate the need for time-consuming hand watering or uneven watering due to poor design of old sprinkler systems.

Some key factors that we consider before installing your sprinkler system is determining the specific needs of each area of your landscape, including turf, plants, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. We take note of areas that have full sun so we can make sure those plants get plenty of water, while the shady areas receive less. We also specially select appropriate sprinkler heads for specific locations to ensure uniform coverage and slight overlap to maintain a high-efficiency system. If sprinklers are spaced incorrectly, some areas will be overwatered while others will die off due to lack of water. One of the most important factors we consider when installing a new sprinkler system is water conservation. This is why we use the latest technology when selecting equipment such as drip irrigation, rain sensors, computerized programmable timers, flow control zone valves, and backflow devices. Saving water while keeping a green lawn is the ultimate goal.

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Sprinklers Pros installation service benefits

  • Our system promotes a lush thriving green landscape
  • Your new system will disperse water efficiently to save you money
  • You’ll have the latest model for your irrigation equipment
  • You’ll experience our quality customer service
  • We’re here for you in the future should you have any questions