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Sprinkler Repair Service

As you add to your landscape or as your trees and shrubs mature, your sprinkler system may need some adjustments. It is common that as plants grow they cover-up sprinklers and block them from utilizing their full potential. Another common issue that can arise is clogged sprinkler heads from mineral deposits. Over time pipes can corrode or break from nearby tree roots or gopher holes. Many things can happen but that’s why we specialize in repairs and have a professional team that can assist you with that.

At Sprinklers Pros, we have advanced training to troubleshoot a wide variety of sprinkler system brands from old to new. If you’re needing repairs on an older system, even if your outdated system consists of old brass and copper parts, you can rest in knowing that we are the guys to get the job done. However, if you’re looking to upgrade or retrofit your system, we can offer our expertise in making your system work more efficiently. Our irrigation technicians can repair anything including broken heads, valves, manifolds, back-flows, leaks, timers, and rain sensors. Contact us today for any sprinkler system repair needs!

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Our Professional Team specializes in a variety of repairs

  • Repair and/or Replace Sprinkler Timers (Clock)
  • Repair and/or Replace Broken Sprinkler Heads
  • Add New Sprinkler Heads or Entire Zone(s) of
  • Sprinkler Heads Drip Systems
  • Repair Broken Sprinkler Pipes and/or Fittings
  • Install, Repair and/or Replace Automatic Rain
  • Freeze Sensors
  • Check System for Coverage & Operation of all
  • Heads & Zones
  • Diagnose & Repair Low-Pressure Problems
  • Sprinkler Leaks Found & Eliminated
  • Detect & Repair Cut Sprinkler Wires
  • Locate, Repair and/or Replace Sprinkler Solenoid Valves
  • Sprinkler Maintenance Programs
  • And Much More!