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Sprinkler Start-Up Service

Our sprinkler start-up service is recommended anytime you’ve gone without running your irrigation system for some time. Our well-trained sprinkler technicians come to start up your system and make any adjustments needed to keep your sprinklers running efficiently. We’ll activate your sprinkler system, adjust heads for proper coverage, program your sprinkler timer for your correct watering days, and check for any necessary repairs. This service is typically needed at the start of the Spring season. We take this service very seriously. Your system is a complex series of plumbing and electrical parts that need to be maintained regularly.

We start by doing an overall system check by slowly turning on the main valve and gently letting the water fill in the sprinkler main and manifold. After doing so, we inspect for leaks in the manifold and zone valves, check backflow device, and sprinkler heads. Next, we troubleshoot your controller and program your watering schedule. We also check your rain sensor to be sure it’s working properly. Included in this service is the system Wiring. We inspect field wiring between controller and zone valves along with checking all wire splices. Wire splices should be protected using waterproof electrical connectors. Next, we visually examine the backflow device and test if required by the local water department. Lastly, we check your sprinkler system for coverage of your landscape. As landscapes mature sprinkler heads may need to be moved, added, or shut off. Overall, getting a sprinkler start-up service will help your landscaping come back to life while helping conserve both water and money.

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Sprinkler Pros Start-up service Includes:

  • Clean any mainline irrigation filters
  • Turn on the water at stop and waste
  • Properly set and turn on the backflow preventer
  • Check all valves and manifolds for leaks
  • Turn on irrigation zones 1 by 1 and inspect for soggy spots in the lawn, pressure loss, or nonworking sprinkler heads
  • Inspect pop up spray sprinkler lines for clogged nozzles
  • Reset sprinkler system control timer for proper seasonal watering time
  • Inspect drip-line for proper watering and leaks in the drip line
  • Before starting system close back-flow
  • Provide a detailed list of any sprinkler repairs discovered during initial start-up