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Sprinkler Tune-Up Service

Sprinkler systems are often forgot about since they have their own schedule and as long as you see your grass green with no dry spots or puddles you’re worry-free. However, over time soil shifts and problems may arise due to other environmental conditions. This is why it’s important to do a regular check to see how your sprinkler system is operating. Waiting until it’s too late can cause further damage to the sprinkler system itself or your once beautiful landscaping. It is recommended that your sprinkler system gets a tune-up once a year. Most people get a sprinkler tune-up right before the start of the irrigation season.

Sprinklers Pros tune-up service will help you stay on top of any issues that may arise. We will run a check of the irrigation controls and programs. This includes dusting away the cobwebs on the timer, making sure the date and time is correct, and that the settings are appropriate for your landscape’s watering needs. We will also check for any debris that may be blocking the even flow of water from sprinkler heads. We will also check old nozzles and sprinkler heads and replace them as needed. Included in our tune-up service is making sure the valves are operating correctly along with a pressure check to make sure you don’t end up with cracked pipes or busted valves causing inefficient watering. Sprinkler tune-ups are meant to prevent any foreseen damage that may occur to your irrigation system and troubleshoot any immediate issues that are happening.

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Sprinkler Pros Tune-up service Includes:

  • Clean mainline irrigation filters
  • Turn on the water at stop and waste
  • Properly set and turn on the backflow preventer
  • Check all valves and manifolds for leaks
  • Turn on irrigation zones 1 by 1 and inspect for soggy spots, pressure loss, or nonworking sprinkler heads
  • Inspect pop up spray sprinkler lines for clogged nozzles
  • Reset sprinkler system control timer for proper seasonal watering time
  • Inspect drip-line for proper watering and leaks in the drip line
  • Before starting system close back-flow
  • Provide a detailed list of any sprinkler repairs discovered during initial tune up